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Yes, I’m a designer. Yes, I’m an Apple fan. No, I don’t have an iPhone. In fact, I don’t have a smartphone at all. The usual reaction from people when I tell them this is one of shock and disbelief. So many people ask me “Why?” that I just decided to blog about it. Well, let me explain…

What I do have is an iPad with 3G, and it’s everything that I need. Here in Canada, iPhone plans cost roughly $60 per month on a three-year contract (and I hate contracts). I rarely call anyone — when I do, it’s over Skype, or I’ll just use the phone on my desk at the office. I’d wager that 90% of my correspondence is done through e-mail, Skype, or even Twitter DMs.

I do have a pay-as-you-go phone, which is certainly not an attractive piece of kit by any means, but I use it so rarely that I often forget to keep it charged. The pay-as-you-go phone costs $15 per month, and the iPad data plan is $20 per month. Combine the two, and it’s $25 cheaper per month than just an iPhone alone.

The second reason why I have an iPad instead of an iPhone is for travel purposes. The no-contract plans available in many countries mean that all I need to do to get Internet access abroad is to purchase a pre-paid SIM card and pop it in. When I travel to the UK, I usually choose the £10 pre-paid SIM on the Three network, which gives me 1GB of data for up to 30 days of use. It’s perfect, and I’ve never exceeded the limit on any trip so far. They’re even available straight from vending machines at Heathrow airport — no credit card required.

I do have a retina iPod Touch, as well as an Android phone with Wi-Fi turned on for testing websites with.

The only downside to having an iPad is the size. I’m well-used to people making fun of me for taking Instagram shots on my iPad (or Magic Baking Tray, as some people say), but I’m not bothered. I do agree that it isn’t the most convenient thing, though, so I was pretty thrilled to see the release of the iPad Mini last week. I’ll be giving my current iPad to my mom, and a shiny new 16GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi and 3G will be showing up on my doorstep in late November!

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Matt Soria
  • Matt Soria

Finally! I was starting to think I was the only one! I also don't have an iphone, or a any smart phone, and don't plan on getting one either! I will probably get an ipod and ipad though. Thanks for the post, and the new site looks great!

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Mother of the Bride
  • Mother of the Bride

A very awesome blog post. The article touches many urgent problems of our society.

Terry The Phone Guy
  • Terry The Phone Guy

I guess this post is dated by now. Seriously, in the comments, did somebody just say no thanks to owning a smartphone?? Sheesh. That's nuts. Geri it might be a bit different in Canada, but nowadays you can get a prepaid iphone which can save a few bucks. I doubt you can get decent prepaid options where you are, but you should hope for Wind Mobile. Those are great plans and yes, you can get the unlocked iphones to work on their system, although not at LTE speeds. Hope that helps!

  • diana

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  • ZanePagac

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