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12 Free High Resolution Watercolour Textures

A few years ago I filled out a book of watercolour paper with whatever colours and textures I could think of, and scanned them for personal use. Hopefully other people will find them useful as well!

Download: 12 High Resolution Watercolour Textures (29MB)

Creative Commons License
Watercolour Textures by Geri Coady is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

They fall under a Creative Commons 3,0 Unported license, meaning you are free to share and remix for both personal and commercial use, but I would love to know if you decide to use them and please share the results!


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Kris Noble
  • Kris Noble

These are lovely Geri, thanks for sharing! You never know when packs like these will come in handy.

John Coyne
  • John Coyne

I found these via a tweet from Kris (thanks Kris). Really gorgeous work and useful to boot! Thanks very much Geri. :)

John Voorhees
  • John Voorhees


I really like the watercolor textures. Thanks.



  • soulmenj

thank you for this great!! freebies :) Geri

  • Faheema

These look lovely! I also started making free textures and I post them on an art blog, I'm planning to do a collection of resources, so would love to feature these :)

  • //d.

you are a rock star!! and time saver might use one of these tonight!

  • cristina

Gracias!!!from spain

Maria Wendt
  • Maria Wendt

These are very beautiful textures, thank you so much for sharing. I love freebie-guys like you!

  • mari

Thank you so much! These are gorgeous! : )

Tim Fisher
  • Tim Fisher

These are beautiful! Thanks Geri, for these wonderful textures! :)

  • Amitabha

Awesome creations. Thanks

  • Nika

Really nice textures. High quality. Many Thanks Geri !!!

  • Arjan

Looks very nice! Too bad i cant download them! Dropbox says: account blocked because of too much traffic :-/

  • John

Error (509)
This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!
Maybe its because someone put a link on pinterest to your file?

  • TheMentor

^^^ I am getting the same error!!! I will come back once it's fixed. Thanks again!

Daniel Aréchiga
  • Daniel Aréchiga

Nice textures, thank you for sharing!! gracias desde México!

  • Eliane

Hi Geri, I just smiled because the watercolor-file is too big for our rural internet line in the very far southwest of ireland. when i look out of our windows across the ocean i can almost see newfoundland (of the earth were a flat disc ;-) I am a graphic designer, book author and aromatherapist.

Pat Brady
  • Pat Brady

Hi Geri, the watercolor textures are amazing -- thank you so much for sharing!

Helena Holton
  • Helena Holton

Thank you! They're beautiful. I will use them as backgrounds for titles or photographs when I make my family slideshows.

  • TDY

Thank you very much!!
Thanks to you I can describe my drawing better

  • Hasan TAYANC

Thank you for amazing textures. Greetings from Turkey =)

  • Chiesa

Gery, Thank you very much!! I like this texture very much, but because of my awsome internet i can't downlaod . (I'm from
china) Can you send my by email if it possible?

  • sweetgal66

Thanks for these beautiful resources, Geri. So generous!

Jessie Chiang
  • Jessie Chiang

Thanks for sharing! So generous of you and they are beautiful!

  • rajerthat

thank you mam,will definitely use it.

  • Flor


Lara Leite
  • Lara Leite

Great!! thanks!

  • Nate

thank you so much

  • Nirasha

Thank you so much for sharing.

  • mia

thanks so much for sharing. i might use it as a background for my site.

  • aditya

Thanks a ton! These are beautiful.

  • JohnsonYu

Thank you so much! It's really a wonderful work.

Jeff Andrade
  • Jeff Andrade

Really kind from you. Thank You!

  • NewForestBoy

Lovely Textures which I hope to use in my photography. I am only an amateur.
Many thanks for your generosity

Dave Aspinall
  • Dave Aspinall

These came in really handy! Thanks :-)

  • RC

Hey Geri! Nice work! Very artistic!

  • Duskie

Thank you so much, they're beautiful!! :)

Raven White
  • Raven White

thank you so much for your sharing Source, thank a lot!

  • BignellArt

These are incredible! Thanks for the share :)

  • Gisselle

Thank you very much! <3

  • akbar

Cannot download

Olivia Wilmot
  • Olivia Wilmot

These are beautiful! I am hoping to use them as backgrounds for activities for children and parents.

Iris Lee
  • Iris Lee

Thanks for making these freebies! They are wonderful!

Dean Statham
  • Dean Statham

I saw that someone credited you for these and came to grab them myself, but alas the file isn't there. Do you have another link or did you take it down? Thanks so much for sharing.

  • EstelJordan

I love the colors but even more I love the texture that reminds wallpaper.

Would love to have it at researchpaperonline.net .

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