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12 Free High Resolution Watercolour Textures

A few years ago I filled out a book of watercolour paper with whatever colours and textures I could think of, and scanned them for personal use. Hopefully other people will find them useful as well!

Download: 12 High Resolution Watercolour Textures (29MB)

Creative Commons License
Watercolour Textures by Geri Coady is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

They fall under a Creative Commons 3,0 Unported license, meaning you are free to share and remix for both personal and commercial use, but I would love to know if you decide to use them and please share the results!


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Kris Noble
  • Kris Noble

These are lovely Geri, thanks for sharing! You never know when packs like these will come in handy.

John Coyne
  • John Coyne

I found these via a tweet from Kris (thanks Kris). Really gorgeous work and useful to boot! Thanks very much Geri. :)

John Voorhees
  • John Voorhees


I really like the watercolor textures. Thanks.



  • soulmenj

thank you for this great!! freebies :) Geri

  • Faheema

These look lovely! I also started making free textures and I post them on an art blog, I'm planning to do a collection of resources, so would love to feature these :)

  • //d.

you are a rock star!! and time saver might use one of these tonight!

  • cristina

Gracias!!!from spain

Maria Wendt
  • Maria Wendt

These are very beautiful textures, thank you so much for sharing. I love freebie-guys like you!

  • mari

Thank you so much! These are gorgeous! : )

Tim Fisher
  • Tim Fisher

These are beautiful! Thanks Geri, for these wonderful textures! :)

  • Amitabha

Awesome creations. Thanks

  • Nika

Really nice textures. High quality. Many Thanks Geri !!!

  • Arjan

Looks very nice! Too bad i cant download them! Dropbox says: account blocked because of too much traffic :-/

  • John

Error (509)
This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!
Maybe its because someone put a link on pinterest to your file?

  • TheMentor

^^^ I am getting the same error!!! I will come back once it's fixed. Thanks again!

Daniel Aréchiga
  • Daniel Aréchiga

Nice textures, thank you for sharing!! gracias desde México!

  • Eliane

Hi Geri, I just smiled because the watercolor-file is too big for our rural internet line in the very far southwest of ireland. when i look out of our windows across the ocean i can almost see newfoundland (of the earth were a flat disc ;-) I am a graphic designer, book author and aromatherapist.

Pat Brady
  • Pat Brady

Hi Geri, the watercolor textures are amazing -- thank you so much for sharing!

Helena Holton
  • Helena Holton

Thank you! They're beautiful. I will use them as backgrounds for titles or photographs when I make my family slideshows.

  • TDY

Thank you very much!!
Thanks to you I can describe my drawing better

  • Hasan TAYANC

Thank you for amazing textures. Greetings from Turkey =)

  • Chiesa

Gery, Thank you very much!! I like this texture very much, but because of my awsome internet i can't downlaod . (I'm from
china) Can you send my by email if it possible?

  • sweetgal66

Thanks for these beautiful resources, Geri. So generous!

Jessie Chiang
  • Jessie Chiang

Thanks for sharing! So generous of you and they are beautiful!

  • rajerthat

thank you mam,will definitely use it.

  • Flor


Lara Leite
  • Lara Leite

Great!! thanks!

  • Nate

thank you so much

  • Nirasha

Thank you so much for sharing.

  • mia

thanks so much for sharing. i might use it as a background for my site.

  • aditya

Thanks a ton! These are beautiful.

  • JohnsonYu

Thank you so much! It's really a wonderful work.

Jeff Andrade
  • Jeff Andrade

Really kind from you. Thank You!

  • NewForestBoy

Lovely Textures which I hope to use in my photography. I am only an amateur.
Many thanks for your generosity

Dave Aspinall
  • Dave Aspinall

These came in really handy! Thanks :-)

  • RC

Hey Geri! Nice work! Very artistic!

  • Duskie

Thank you so much, they're beautiful!! :)

Raven White
  • Raven White

thank you so much for your sharing Source, thank a lot!

  • BignellArt

These are incredible! Thanks for the share :)

  • Gisselle

Thank you very much! <3

  • akbar

Cannot download

Olivia Wilmot
  • Olivia Wilmot

These are beautiful! I am hoping to use them as backgrounds for activities for children and parents.

Iris Lee
  • Iris Lee

Thanks for making these freebies! They are wonderful!

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