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Bust a Move NL

Every year 400 women in Newfoundland and Labrador are diagnosed with breast cancer. On March 31st, I’ll be joining my co-workers and Busting a Move for Breast Health! Our team, Simply The Breast, has pledged to raise $8000 (CAD) for the cause.

What is it?

Bust a Move is a six-hour fitness fundraiser held by the Health Care and Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundations that will empower, motivate and unite — bringing hundreds together in support of the same goal — breast health. One of the fitness sessions will be led by the one and only Richard Simmons, so it’s sure to be a time!

Where Will The Proceeds Go?

Proceeds from Bust a Move will be used to advance the developments in the areas of diagnostic imaging, surgery, cancer care and community health. More details about the equipment and programs that will be purchased with the proceeds can be found on the Bust a Move NL website.

My Goal

I need to raise $1000 (CAD), which is certainly no small task, in order to participate in the event. Together, my team has to raise $8000, so anything above and beyond my $1000 goal will be used to help my teammates reach theirs.

How to Donate

If you have a credit card, you can sponsor me on the Bust a Move NL website. I’m also accepting donations via PayPal, although I won’t be able to provide a receipt through this method. If you know me in person, you can donate cash or cheque, so please ask me for details!

Sponsor Me on the Bust a Move NL Website (Recommended)  or via PayPal…

Guaranteed there’ll be plenty of photos and video which I’ll post after the event. Please help me reach my goal!

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  • Suzanne

This is great! What a fantastic way to get in shape and fundraise as well. We're holding a bake sale this week to raise money for an Ectopic Pregnancy charity, I'm not sure it will help our fitness, but it should be fun!

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