Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility available in paperback

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Some of you might have picked up a digital copy of my book, Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility, when it was published in 2013, but I’m excited to announce that you can now purchase a paperback copy!

Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility
Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility

The book is available in the Pocket Guide Series: Collection Three by Five Simple Steps, meaning you’ll also receive copies of CSS Animations by Val Head, The Craft of Words: Microcopy by the Standardistas, and the previously unreleased Version Control with Git by Ryan Taylor.

Where to get it

The paperback set is £20 and can be purchased here, or if you’d rather just pick up a digital copy of my book only, you can do so here.

What’s it all about?

A Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility is a quick guide designed to help you create designs that are accessible to people with colour-blindness without sacrificing style along the way. With nearly 5% of the population affected, we need to pay attention to this often-overlooked demographic. If you design websites, apps, games, or other digital media, this book is for you.

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I’m Geri Coady — a designer and illustrator from St. John’s, Newfoundland — now living in Nottingham, UK. I've got an eye for detail, a passion for the web, and I'm ready to work with clients worldwide. Want to learn more?


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