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Geri’s British Band Faves

  1. The Smiths — This Charming Man Download MP3
  2. The Cure — Push Download MP3
  3. Blur — Beetlebum Download MP3
  4. The Clash — London Calling Download MP3
  5. Oasis — Acquiesce Download MP3
  6. Morrissey — Every Day is like Sunday Download MP3
  7. David Bowie — Sound & Vision Download MP3
  8. The Cure — Just Like Heaven Download MP3
  9. Radiohead — Fake Plastic Trees Download MP3
  10. The Smiths — Panic Download MP3
  11. My Bloody Valentine — Sometimes Download MP3
  12. The Jesus and Mary Chain — Just Like Honey Download MP3

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I’m Geri Coady — a designer and illustrator from St. John’s, Newfoundland — now living in Nottingham, UK. I've got an eye for detail, a passion for the web, and I'm ready to work with clients worldwide. Want to learn more?


  • TallyBram

Those tracks are not suitable for my mood right now but they are quite decent. .

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  • Jayden Meredith

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