Interlink Conference 2013: Colouring the Web

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In June 2013 I spoke at the wonderful Interlink Conference in Vancouver, Canada. My talk, Colouring the Web, was recorded and it’s finally been uploaded on Vimeo if you’d like to watch.

“In a time where exciting things like HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design are at the top of everyone’s minds, a complex topic like colour can easily be brushed aside by designers, developers, and clients alike. When used appropriately, it can be a powerful method of communication with strong persuasive effects, but when used inappropriately, the effects can be much more serious than you think. In this session we’ll learn a variety of important things to remember when working with colour on the web — things like colour theory, message and meaning, accessibility, coding tips, and even the dreaded topic of colour management — proving that colour needs to be considered in every step of our design process.”

The next Interlink Conference is taking place in Toronto from June 18th to the 20th and early bird tickets go on sale on February 28th. I wish I could be there — the lineup looks brilliant!



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