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I recently got back from Düsseldorf, Germany where I was invited to speak at the second Beyond Tellerrand web conference, hosted by the lovely Marc Thiele.

Beyond Tellerrand 2012

Beyond Tellerrand was my first 45-minute talk — an expansion of my twenty minute talk called Colouring the Web, which I did for the first time at Go Beyond Pixels earlier this year. I spoke about colour theory, choosing schemes, colour management, and colour accessibility, and threw in a few coding tips, too.

Geri Coady by Stefan Nitzsche

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of the conference and was lucky to have enough time to explore Düsseldorf and fit in a little side-trip to Cologne. Although the Cologne cathedral was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in my life, I think the most memorable experience was the sushi I had at Yabase. I think this sketch sums up my feelings about that.

Düsseldorf and Köln

Marc has announced that he’s swapping Beyond Tellerrand with BT Play next year, meaning the next conference will be taking place May instead of November (May 27–29, 2013, to be exact). I highly recommend picking up a ticket — the audience is incredibly warm and receptive and Marc knows exactly how to put on a great show and make everyone feel at home.

Check out my full photo set from Beyond Tellerrand (sorry if I didn’t get photos of all the speakers!) and sketch notes of my talk by Eva-Lotta Lamm.

I’ve got some exciting news for 2013, too, but that’s under wraps for now. I hope to be able to share it soon!

Photo of Geri Coady

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  • marc

Why did I not see this article earlier, Geri? I am super humbled. Thank you for this very nice write-up. I would love to welcome you back. A ticket is always waiting for you. ;)

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