Future of Web Design NYC 2013: Don’t Believe Your Eyes!

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In October 2013, I spoke at the Future of Web Design conference in New York City. My talk, Don’t Believe Your Eyes! How to Design for Colour Blindness, was recorded and it’s been uploaded to YouTube if you’d like to watch!

“We often take color for granted when choosing palettes for our designs, assuming the appearance will be the same for everyone. In reality, the choices that look good to people with good color vision could cause serious usability problems for people affected by various forms of color-blindness; a type of disability that affects the perception of color and occurs in a surprisingly large percentage of the population. If you’re a web designer, app designer, or game designer, this talk is for you! Geri will teach you how to create designs that are accessible to people with color-blindness without sacrificing aesthetics.”

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About Me

I’m Geri Coady — a designer and illustrator from St. John’s, Newfoundland — now living in Nottingham, UK. I've got an eye for detail, a passion for the web, and I'm ready to work with clients worldwide. Want to learn more?


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