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I’ve been a little quiet here lately, but not without good reason. For the past year I’ve been working hard to write a follow up to my first book on colour accessibility. I’m so excited to announce Color Accessibility Workflows, now available to purchase from A Book Apart!

What’s it all about?

Color Accessibility Workflows, part of the A Book Apart Briefs collection, is a book filled with practical information to help you create designs that are accessible to people with colour blindness without sacrificing aesthetics. It will teach you how to make informed colour choices, tips and tricks for creating accessible interfaces, and how to weave it all into your workflow. With nearly 5% of the population affected, we need to pay attention to this often-overlooked demographic. If you design or develop websites, apps, games, or other digital media, this book is essential reading for you and your team.

How to get it

There’s two options for getting your hands on the Brief—you can purchase it separately or get all available titles in the Brief collection and save 15%.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone at A Book Apart (Katel LeDuJason Santa Maria, and Jeffrey Zeldman in particular) for such an enjoyable experience, with a special thanks to my wonderful editor, Caren Litherland, and my (colour-blind) technical editor, Jon Hicks. I also want to thank Derek Featherstone and the team at Simply Accessible for the incredible work that they do to make the web a better place for everyone, and being such an inspiration to me along the way.

If you pick up a copy, I’d really love to hear what you think!


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