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It's rare that I can pinpoint the exact moment, location, and circumstances of the first time that I met a particular person, especially when I'm fortunate to meet so many at hectic conferences and events. But Chloe Weil stood out.

I met Chloe for the first time on May 1 2011, outside Walgreens on Boylston Street in Boston. It was a beautiful, warm spring day, and I'd just photographed my favourite cherry blossoms in bloom further down on Newbury Street. I bumped into my friend Petra and she introduced me; Chloe was her co-worker at iSite Design in Portland, Oregon. Petra had convinced Chloe to attend the An Event Apart conference with her and was showing her around. Like most people, the first thing I noticed about Chloe was her unforgettable smile.

My Year in Review: 2013

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I'll be the first to admit I've neglected my blog since going freelance earlier this year.

To be fair to myself, though, I like to blame the scarce updates on my commitment to the Pastry Box Project, which had me contributing monthly posts for 2013. If you count my book, too, I've actually done more writing this year than any other! Here's a look back on other personal highlights of 2013. I hope to make this a yearly tradition — a good way to reflect and set goals for the future!

Say Hello to the New!

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I know, I know — I'm long overdue for a blog post. Outside of the monthly contributions I've been making over at The Pastry Box Project, I've been holding off on updating my personal blog.

As many of you know, I left my agency job and became a full-time freelancer back in March. Since then, I've been working on a few exciting projects, one of which being this new (and improved!) website which I'm finally able to show you…

Why I Don’t Have An iPhone

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Yes, I'm a designer. Yes, I'm an Apple fan. No, I don't have an iPhone. In fact, I don't have a smartphone at all. The usual reaction from people when I tell them this is one of shock and disbelief. Well, let me explain.

What I do have is an iPad with 3G, and it's everything that I need. Here in Canada, iPhone plans cost roughly $60 per month on a three-year contract (and I hate contracts). I rarely call anyone — when I do, it's over Skype, or I'll just use the phone on my desk at the office. I'd wager that 90% of my correspondence is done through…

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