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The Problem With Style Guides

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Last week, my friend Nishant Kothary tweeted about how he had concluded that style guides are the "most useless design deliverables in existence." Instead of discussing it over Twitter, we each decided to blog our thoughts.

I'll say right away that I believe style guides for websites are headed down the right path and are an important asset. Anna Debenham wrote a great article in last year's 24 Ways about the benefits of front-end style guides. My problems with style guides stem from the…

That’s NOT Clip Art!

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In my time working as a designer and illustrator, I’ve done many projects for clients who didn’t specifically request illustration, but I had included it as part of the design when I thought that it was more appropriate than a photograph.

Then, there have been instances where the client would give feedback; automatically dismissing the concept and asking to remove the illustration because they didn’t want “clip art.”

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