Speaking Appearances


Tell me more about this website.

This site is built with HTML5 and CSS3, is powered by ExpressionEngine CMS, and hosted with (mt) Media Temple. It was designed with a responsive, mobile-first approach in mind and makes use of Scott Jehl’s Picturefill.js for responsive image support.

What's your illustration process? Which tools do you use?

I always sketch on paper first before heading to the computer. If you hire me for an illustration job, you’ll always see paper roughs before I proceed with the digital stages. As for tools, I switch between my Wacom Intuos 4 and Cintiq 24HD, depending on the job. I work primarily in Illustrator and Photoshop, but sometimes I dabble in Painter.

What are your tools for web design?

I dabble with new tools and techniques all the time, but the basics are: TextWrangler for Mac OSX for coding, an array of various browsers and a subscription to BrowserStack for testing, Filament Group's SouthStreet tools for responsive design, and Illustrator and/or Photoshop for mockups and wireframing. Other than that, I use MAMP, Color Oracle, Transmit, Terminal (for Github), FreeAgent, Pages, and Keynote. And probably more!

You must have a good camera! What kind do you have?

I'm not partial to any particular camera brand, but I own a Nikon D90. I also love shooting with my various Holga and lo-fi film cameras. I use Nikon Speedlights on location and Alien Bee strobes in the studio.

Will you speak at my conference?

It’s very possible! Drop me a line on my contact page and tell me more about your conference.